Klondike Gourmet Petite Potatoes

These mini potatoes are easy to prepare, amazingly delicious, and compliment nearly every meal. Add to your favorite crock-pot meal, roast with fresh herbs and olive oil, or as a side dish on the grill. Klondike Gourmet™ Petite Potatoes are a healthy addition to any meal.

24 & 32 oz

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Red or Yellow Gourmet Potatoes


1 lb bag: Microwave 4-5 minutes, Baking 20-30 minutes, Boiling 15-20 minutes, Frying 33-40 minutes, Grilling 15-20 minutes

2 lb bag: Baking 30-40 minutes, Microwave 4-5 minutes, Boiling 15-20 Minutes, Frying 20-30 Minutes


About 5