• Grapes

If the grape was a subject in school, it would definitely be history class!  Fossils indicate that grapes were enjoyed all the way back in the Neolithic Era (we’re talking the end of the Stone Age here!).  Hieroglyphics show that Egyptians were involved in grape and wine production, and the early Romans were known to have developed new varieties.


Green Giant® Fresh Grapes are available year round.

Care & Handling


Grapes are thin-skinned and easily damaged, so carefully check bagged grapes from all angles before purchasing. Grapes are not picked and shipped until ripe, so unripe grapes are not usually a problem. You can, however, use color as a guide to determine the sweetest fruit. Green grapes should tend toward a translucent yellow-green rather than an opaque grass green; all fruit on a bunch of red grapes should be predominantly crimson; and black grapes should be uniformly and darkly hued.


Before storing grapes at home, remove any spoiled fruit. Place unwashed grapes in a plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator where they will keep for about a week.


Wash grapes under cold water just before serving and remove any damaged fruit. Leave the bunch whole, or divide it into smaller branches for serving. (This is easily done with a pair of kitchen shears).

Nutrition & Health Benefits: 

These tiny globes of deliciousness are chock full of the following vitamins and minerals: • Manganese • Vitamins K, C, B1 & B6 • Potassium

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